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Terry reminds me of a fauxtog defender that came here once to yell at all of us. She said something like “yeah, what if what you call fauxtography is actually something way ahead of its time, and becomes in demand and is actually in style”.

Even though she was blowing hot air, and didn’t know what she was talking about, her comment made me think. Made me think of Terry, (and other questionable famous pros work), how me and my teen daughter like to make fauxtography on purpose quite often, how much I love useless moments fauxtography https://www.facebook.com/uselessmoments and wish I was handy with PS so I could create some of these types of images for family/friends and have lots of laughs over them (yes! I would even finish them and display them). And as a consumer I would hire someone who could do fauxtography like that. In fact, my daughter wants to find someone that will shoot her senior pictures in this similar fashion.

With all that said… There still has to be consistency, and purposeful intent to create good “fauxtography” that works. Am I a fan of Terry? Ummmmm no, not at all, and I’d never want to be shot by him (not that he’d ever want to photograph me) but, you have to admit, the consistency and intent is there, wether we agree or like it or not. ( I think it’s cop out garbage, rolled up with a lot of hype) , but you can recognize a Terry Richardson photograph from a mile away when you see one