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Honestly it should fall on the clients to do something about it if the model speaks up. They could put an end to his behavior by making his career suffer but they all want Terry Richardson photographs. Miley wants to look sleazy. It’s part of her new “urban” image. So for her, Terry is the perfect photographer. And honestly our society is kind of obsessed with sex and sleaze. At least that is the way that popular culture seems to have been going over the last few years or so. Lot’s of movies being made about porn stars and even some celebrity action among porn stars – James Deen, Sasha Grey, et all. Hopefully it’s just a fad. Probably not, though.

I respect Roman Polanski’s work. I love his films. I think he’s an amazing director. But I know he also raped a 13 year old when he was 44. That doesn’t make me like Rosemary’s Baby or the Pianist any less. They are both really amazing films as well as just about everything else he’s done. I think it’s totally acceptable to respect the artist and the art while holding the man in contempt. In Polanski’s case, I think he received an unfair trial and served his time. The charges need to be dropped at this point. It’s just ridiculous. Even the victim seems to agree with this.

I’m wondering, if you took a look at one of the lesser offensive images of terry’s work and didn’t know it was Terry or a celebrity, would you think differently?