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You’re missing my whole point.

He’s using his position as a high profile photographer to get young girls to do drugs and sexual favours for him…when he’s in that mode he’s not a photographer and he’s producing crap photography. Though those in the porn industry would think differently I’m sure.

When you look at his body of work as a whole…..well, most of it is crap. I’m sorry but it is. It’s him getting his jollies off and taking advantage of young girls. Even the stuff that’s not considered crap is questionable. (BTW, his body of work is not just on his main website..he’s got many websites)

If you didn’t know who Miley was and you didn’t know who Richardson was and you saw those photos from the page I posted above, those images would be candidates for the front page of this website. But you guys are excusing him because he’s photographed famous people… so he must be good.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t wash with me. I’m calling him out as a Fauxtographer. Emperor’s new clothes and all.

PS….Very sad, people say they don’t like what he does but that they recognize and respect his work as a professional. This is why he gets away with taking advantage of young inexperienced girls, getting naked during shoots and asking them for hand jobs, doing drugs during shoots…etc. It’s not just him either….sadly there are many….another rather famous photographer has recently been outed and he’s finally being banned from certain groups where he preys on unsuspecting models. Now his work was amazing and one to aspire too. Sadly he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

PPS….by not holding these photographers responsible and saying that you respect them as a photographer you are in effect part of the problem. You are helping them to victimize young inexperienced young people by making it difficult for these models to come forward and making it difficult for them to say no.

Guys like these give photographers a bad name.