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but actually the middle child gave me the most grief with mugging for the camera EVERY time haha. It’s just disgruntling


haha – I have this problem, with my own kid! She used to be the perfect model but now is far to interested in my camera and 99% of the photos I have of her are with outstretched, blurry arms reaching for my camera. I don’t have a solution as of yet, but one idea I’ll try is to use a longer lens and try and go for more candid shots. Another solution I’m thinking is a cheapy p&s for her, so we can take turns taking photos. I got my niece a kid camera, which was expensive and terrible quality (well, I wasn’t expecting good, but still). So I’m thinking just buy a secondhand 20 pounds p&s instead – so long as it’s pink she’ll think it’s the bees knees and hopefully stop trying to grab my camera!

Another thing I can think of is from an interview I saw of Henri Cartier Bresson – where he said one trick he used – for all his portrait subjects – was to ‘take the photo’ first – formally, and say ok, photo taken. Then the subject would relax and he would just start chatting with them, engaging them etc. and all the while, continue shooting them. but without making it obvious. I suppose this depends on your camera and set up though as to how surreptitiously you can shoot.

Good luck 🙂