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I enjoy the black and white, but here’s the color for comparison.


I will never say no to a critique, and I never discount a critique because of ‘noobie’ status, since I don’t have to paint like Dali to love his work 😉 Plus I market to families, not art majors, so their opinion is just as important, all be it often misguided. The background is totally distracting. She wanted to take pictures with all the tanks and what not, and I was having issues with little kids and giant machines. We have some at a wooded area, but there was no getting them all together at that point. They also were taken at like 1100 am, which I know is horrible but my friend wouldn’t do early morning and i was only in town to visit my husband (who’s at training) and the evening was his. For this picture we did have a scrim up, but you can see the shade fall out on the left kid’s arm in the color more obvious.