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I don’t mind cut off fingers so much. I like the expressions of the two boys – especially the one on the right. But I’m not to sure about the little girl’s though. Also the tones seem a bit flat and over exposed in places; imo, I’m not sure there is enough variety of tones or contrast for this to work as a black and white conversion and feel it may work better in colour – i.e. there may be more of a colour contrast than a tonal one. Or perhaps shooting it at an earlier or later time of the day when the sun is more at an angle and creates more interesting shadows.

I’m sorry to say I also find the b/g a little distracting – there’s not enough of it, or a wider DOF for it to be of interest as an environmental portrait, so as it is, it’s just takes my eye from the subjects – especially things such as the white vertical and the other bright areas which grab my eye. I think a more OOF b/g would emphasise the subjects better.

Sorry, hope you don’t mind me saying this – I’m only a noobie anyway – so feel free to ignore everything 🙂