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I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve, that you want help with.  You said you were afraid to create a page for people to see, but you are showing us photos on a Facebook page.

Facebook is a social page, and according to the news, they may manipulate your data stream.  Previously they have committed other sins, so it is not a place where I post.  Even so, they get as many photos posted in a day as Flickr does in a year!  But, I prefer Flickr, 500px, and a number of social photo pages instead of Facebook.

Photo quality is mostly about your vision, and a little bit about your camera.  Having an expensive dSLR and lots of lenses and lights makes some kinds of photography safer and more enjoyable, but a simple cell phone camera or a small point & shoot is capable of taking wonderful photos.  The less expensive cameras suffer in lower light and when you want a very wide or very long lens.  A cell phone camera has a very short focal length, usually around 4 mm, and a very small sensor packed with a lot of photosites (pixels) so it seems like the 4 mm lens is actually longer than it is.  This works to your advantage if you want a deep depth of field, and against you if you want to have the near, or far areas out of focus.  Work with your camera to get the best shots it is capable of.

The great thing about photography is that you can show others the way you see the world.  You can record interesting objects/sights to show others who were not with you at the time.

Concentrate on composition and observation of light.