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Yeah, this is a bit of a necro, but I’m calling total bullshit on not being able to run a business with a cheaper camera. There’s a photographer in my town that is HORRIBLE. I don’t know what camera she’s using, but it wouldn’t matter. She doesn’t know squat about shooting, and knows even less about post work. And guess what? She gets a shit ton of business. You know what running a business means? Making money. That is all. Everyone has their own personal idea of what it means to be a good enough photographer to run a photography business, but guess what? None of our opinions mean anything when there’s somebody paying money for all these crapass photographers to take pictures. I could get paid RIGHT NOW to shoot portraits, and I’m better than at least three of the paid photographers in my town, but I won’t do it yet because I don’t feel that I’m ready, no matter if other people are already willing to pay me. I will do so when I feel my work is up to snuff by my own opinion. However…

Bottom line: if people are willing to pay you, you can run a business. Period.

That all being said, don’t let your lack of equipment deter you, Kimera. I’m in the same boat you are, just a couple of lenses ahead of you. See if you can find a good deal on a 50mm prime (new, they’re only about $125) and it will serve you well as a portrait lens. You gotta have money to make money, baby, and if people want to pay you? Let ’em. 🙂