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Mrs Woo

Kimera, my cousin’s son is doing professional photography with an APS-C sensor.  It is an 18MP sensor unlike what is in your Rebel XS, but it is not a full-frame camera.  Further, he has a few ‘good’ lenses, but a lot more of the lenses he uses are used, some even from old film camera days.

I have been disappointed to see rave reviews over some really terrible photography, and they make money at it.  Since you are disabled (I understand that landscape, trust me), you can look at putting every dime you do get from photography into a special jar somewhere for the equipment upgrades you can get over time.

I would rather have someone who knew how to use their equipment to the limits of its potential and who could consistently create a pleasing image to someone who invested ten grand into a body and lenses, never read a single manual and can’t operate it unless it is in green square mode.

Then again, I’m a strange bird with its head buried in a camera bag… 😉