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I appreciate all the feedback. At this time I’m serious all right: serious about forgetting the whole business end entirely, and just focus (har har) on the craft.
One way or another, I will have a few bucks in my pocket resulting from doing something I really enjoy. That, to me, will be success.

As for all the hundreds of thousands of bucks required to actually make a living at this, that’s not my dream or goal at all, so I’m not worried.

By the way, I see a pattern; it seems whenever I or anyone requests critiques of photos, it tends to drift toward how much money a business costs. This amuses me since repeatedly I’ve said I DON’T want to advertise myself as a pro, or even BE a pro. I have no ambitions in that direction at all, but it doesn’t mean I would refuse to learn to be a better photographer!

Thanks again for the input. I do take it all in. Once more, tho’, I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL, AND I’M NOT ADVERTISING A BUSINESS. If I make some money, it’s incidental. That’s all.

Have a great day everybody.