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Kimera, first I’ll state that if you can’t afford the equipment to go into business, then you simply cannot go into business. No use being upset about that.

If you are actually serious, you could write up proposals for grants and loans, but the pressure will be quite severe to survive in a difficult market.


Suggest a photo assignment. I’ll take on the first one that’s up my alley.

I have no idea what your level of skill is, so here’s an apparently easy one.


Set two vases with flowers (or some other vertical item) on a counter, separated by 1 foot. Set another vase 2 feet behind that, so that you can see all three flowers in a row behind each other, with a flower, a foot of distance, a flower, two feet of distance, and the last flower.

From 1, 2, and 5 feet, take three shots in succession with each flower in focus with both other flowers out of focus. You may make any adjustments to your camera or lens desired, but you must stand in the same line with all three flowers visible in the same angle to the camera (i.e., you can back up and move forward, but not to either side). You may not “chimp” — take all 9 shots and never look at your camera’s LCD until you’re done (in fact, you should turn off the LCD completely, if possible). You should have a total of EXACTLY 9 shots. No more, no fewer. You may use a tripod if desired or warranted. If your lens doesn’t focus at 1 foot, use 2,3, and 6 feet (but that does make it a little harder). Take as much time as you like.

Each shot should be properly exposed, and the exposure should be consistent across all shots. Each flower should be successively in focus.


It’s quite possible that your lens won’t physically allow this to work, but knowing your camera’s limits is part of the process.