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I think you misunderstood him. he’s (she’s?) just saying that proper knowledge trumps equipment almost everytime. i believe (keeping with the chef theme) gordon ramsey (spell check??) once took a bunch of gas station fried chicken and turned it into a 5 star plate that critics were practically having an orgasm over. you can be a photographer with what you have , ypu even got it right the first tim when you said youd enjoy what you have instead of worry about the things you dont have.

You asked for an assignment, my suggestion is to first reaf the entire manual for your camera and then read online reviews for it (because they often include good visuals on the limitations of your camera model). After that get yoursepf a model, not a real model as in a person, a barbie/stuffed animal/rock work just fine. and use what you know to try to create the image you want. learn how to angle the model to create short light,long lighting, backlighting, etc. Being self taught isfantastic,but it is important to get feedback from a knowledgable source (i suggest dps instead of here). so when you’ve created a portfolio go ahead and ask for honest constructive criticismyou feel has pushed yourelf to ypur limits and are proud of