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I like to consider myself one of the rulebreakers who has an idea of which rule is being broken, and why.
I may not know anywhere near enough to rank as a marketable photographer, but I have a hunger for whatever knowledge I can acquire (free online tutorials, library books, social meetups with other photographers, etc), therefore I’ve learned to a rudimentary degree what NOT to do.
I am and have been an artist most of my life, and my camera is simply another medium… easier to clean than paintbrushes, lol.

Your comment, while I get the gist of it, seems to come across as sweeping away anybody who hasn’t got the training or gear to qualify as an ‘artist’ in your books. Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood you.

For the record, I am a beginner/amateur, but that doesn’t make me untalented or clueless.

I mean this with the best regard for your opinion, just had to state my own as I felt it pertained to me somehow.