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hi Stef,
that’s just it: I absolutely do not have $200; for that matter, I get less than that after rent and bills are paid, and I still need groceries. The equipment I have is gifts, with the exception of the Olympus I got for $50. I’m not whining – this is my reality and I accept it – just telling you how it is at my end.

free online tutorials and library books are definitely the way I’ve been going. I do try to make use of them whenever possible. I just finished reading a book given to me by a friend ‘The Moment it Clicks” by Joe McNally. I totally agree with you about that.

I’m sorry if I’m not understanding you right, but I keep getting the impression you’re thinking I advertise myself as a pro. Again, correct me if I’m mistaken. There’s no way I would, at my present skill level, market myself as a wedding photographer. It’s just how it was worded, I guess.  🙂

I like the idea of renting equipment, and if I eventually come into a more financially sound situation, there’s a place near me which has this service.

All of you are correct that there are alternative routes available. My point was actually that I don’t want to pressure myself to advance to anything pro when what I really enjoy is just the process of taking pictures.
Incidentally, I was urged to get on this site, and I’m glad I did, but the person who so strongly encouraged me is not letting up; now she’s on at me about taking community college classes.
I told her to pay my way.

That shushed her..

Thank you to all the commenters. I guess in a nutshell, my wish is to know all I can in my present circumstances, gaining mastery as I go along at my own pace, receiving pointers and ideas, and sharing this enthusiasm of photography with like-minded.