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@Kim, I agree with cameraclicker. No you’re not doomed to fauxtog status, but you undoubtedly are limited to the quality you can produce with that equipment. Still, that doesn’t stop you from taking some great photos for yourself, and no one’s stopping you from advertising that you can do some shoots for a lower cost due to not having top-of-the-line equipment. As for education, you don’t HAVE to go to college. While I take great value in the education on photography and digital software I did learn in college, it is entirely possible to learn this elsewhere. I do know some very successful photographers who are self-taught; though, it takes a lot more trial and error and a lot more discipline to push yourself to learn. They used the internet and books a lot and attended seminars. The latter is just less intensive and takes more time and your own discipline. If someone with an older Rebel and a not-so-great kit lens is advertising that they’re just as good as the well-established pros and charging the same, it’s kind of false advertising. But like I said earlier, a person with solid knowledge and experience can shoot with a Rebel and get some great photos. But you do have those limitations like cameraclicker suggested. You’re just not going to get a quality photograph in a dimly-lit church at a wedding with that particular equipment.