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Kim, there is formal education, and informal education.  Thomas Edison didn’t read a book about how to build a light bulb, and he didn’t take a class about it in university either.  That does not mean he was not educated and by the time he had worked out the details, he was the world’s foremost authority.

There are all kinds of classes, tutorials, seminars, discussions and so on, on the Internet.  Your challenge is to find the time to view them all and determine which contain useful information and which were not worth viewing.  I recall school being a bit like that too.

Hardware has limitations, better hardware has fewer limitations.  If I can take a photo of anything, anywhere, I can get a good photo out of my cell phone.  If I have to take a photo of  a bride and groom in a dark church and flash is not allowed, then I want a 5D Mk III or a 1Dx and a lens that opens up to f/1.2 or f/1.4 so I can boost ISO, and shoot wide open to get  a reasonable shutter speed.  It is a case of working with what you have or getting what you need depending on circumstances.