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how about if one’s low, fixed income (disability) prevents investing in equipment and education?
Am I, with my Rebel XS – avec kit lens and older 75-300mm – doomed to indefinite fauxtog status?
This is a catch-22 for me: I can’t expect to make money without good gear and training,
and I can’t afford them without making money.

At this point I feel I might as well settle for ‘serious amateur’…

In all honesty, it’s daunting to hear friends & relatives urging me to open up shop when I’m utterly unprepared for that. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t market myself as a pro; never did – I just sold some pictures people liked. I know I have a lot to learn, but given my situation the best I can do is just keep taking pictures and compare them to my earlier shots, as well as read online tutorials.

That Olympus C8080WZ served me very well. Not bad for the $50 I paid!
Still, I don’t need to hear how it’s not enough if I don’t have the top of the line products or software, or have taken extensive classes.
I’m open to critiques, tho’ as I say right now I feel it’s wiser to just relax and enjoy the camera, rather than stress myself out about what I don’t have.