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@Stef, yes it was. While education isn’t always everything, generally speaking, a person with an education (not necessarily from a college, could be seminars, webinars, apprenticeship/learning under someone, or large amounts of self-study) IS going to produce higher-quality work than someone who just has a vision and nothing else. Same for proper equipment. You can be educated to no end in photography but if you’re shooting with a point-and-shoot you’re just not going to achieve your potential. Same can be you can  have the most expensive camera and lens that exists but if you’re shooting on Auto it won’t make a difference. You may, however, have that “one guy” somewhere with his phone camera who happens to capture the most amazing photo of all time. Unlikely, but not impossible. (Let’s say a huge meteor struck earth and sent buildings flying up in balls of fire, and only one person got it on camera, and it happened to be a phone) lol.