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mmm, no I don’t think Archy is a troll. In fact, I have to agree with him on certain points.I think you are trying to boast that you are better than a fauxtog. I hope you are, if you’re in this business! Regardless, the test you present shows no valid point. Maybe next time, you can find an amateur with a point n’ shoot, an intermediate level with the rebel, and an actual pro. Have em stand in the same point, shoot the same subject, may I sugest a static object like a statue or some flowers. And have each person bring what ever equipment they want. But you know what? It would be a waste of time. We already know who’s going to do a better job. Hence, this post isn’t really that enlightening, or educational. Convince you’re clients why you’re talent is more artistic than others in your area. We already know fauxtogs suck, and can spot em miles away.