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I think one thing is for sure.  That since the rapid speed growth of the fauxtogs there has been even more “competition” to get jobs/shoots.  I think that some people see the fauxtogs as a threat to business.  I know everyone here says that if you are good they won’t be your competition. I think that I sense that frustration in browneyed’s posts.  I also see her say she has lots to learn.  I’m not a pro and still have a very long way to go.  I’m currently taking another course in an effort to learn more.  But I do think that this is a place to vent and while I get that the folks who started this site do leave out the names of the togs, I’m sure they would know their own images if they did troll this site and no one thinks twice about criticizing them.  I too see my own level of frustration with these people.  Heck as soon as my own cousin knew I was seriously embarking on a journey to learn photography and am working to have the skills/knowledge to open a business (not to mention a savings account to sustain it while I’m getting off the ground), she bought a Rebel, whipped up a Facebook page and viola, she’s in business.  That kind of stuff tends to irritate people who are still trying to learn.  Watching her produce image after image of the same over saturated railroad track pictures with extra heavy vignetting and having people comment on how wonderful it is makes me wonder if people are constantly bombarded with that crap is that what they will expect as talent and quality.  I sure as hell hope not.

I’m glad I am not alone in my frustration and honestly, it saves the family drama to have somewhere else to vent about it.  I know in our area there are so many faux popping up every day, I can’t keep them straight.  It is so irritating to see the crap they produce and call it pro.  Which I believe is the driving force behind this site.  So I’m guessing that if any of us comment on how crappy those pictures on the front page we are bullies???

I think the point of this original post was that while browneyed self-admittedly has things to learn, those folks think they have mastered photography by clicking a button.  And honestly, back to my cousin, I even tried to talk to her to share/exchange knowledge and she acted like she was the greatest pro and because she took one course at a local community college back in her film days, she didn’t need any advice and certainly didn’t care to share her knowledge.  The only advice I had even offered was to show her some basic editing, after she said she had someone else edit her pictures because she couldn’t even open Photoshop.  And when I say basic edits, I mean what some of the tools do to get her started.

I don’t know any of you but I did post my personal flickr page with hopes of getting someone to give me some feedback and only a couple people gave me the time of day on this site.  Yet, one person posts about a faux and everyone is on it like flies on shit.  We’re all guilty.