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Look browneyed,

I think I said this before.  No, you are not a faux, but you sure do tend to behave like one.

you are a good photographer, on her way to being better.  A good photographer.  A mediocre photographer, that produces the same level of work as many, many many many others.  There is no shame in that.  As you already know it takes hard work to make good images.  Slow down, calm down, and concentrate more on yourself and your own work.  With time your photography will be even further separated from your competition, and you will no longer feel that strong urge to prove you are better than the fauxs and you also won’t feel the need to tell potential clients you are better than a faux or the mediocre everyday ho hum “I used this action” togs because you actually WILL be better.  Clients won’t be knowing this because of your new camera or equipment, they’ll know it because of the finished products and wonderful customer service you provide.  Quit bickering, and get back to work.  Your making yourself look silly.  You’ll look back on this behavior and the images you have produced and be red faced.  Mark my words, red faced.  You can’t do anything to fast forward the learning process, but you ARE in control of how you behave during it.


look, I know it’s nerve racking to see fauxs trash something you love, and to have people out there who think so little of it.  Thats why we are ALL here But, while you concentrate on all of them, your real  competition  is getting better and better and the bar is getting set higher and higher.  If your goal was only to boot be a faux, then congrats.  But if you want to be successful at professional photography you have a long hard road ahead.  Quit looking back and move forward