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If you’d actually read the other forums, you’d see where I asked for critique, got it, and have taken the advice and have worked/am working on a few things. So, your last statement is completely false. And I never said I knew everything about photography. Pretty sure I’ve stated more than once that the best thing anyone including myself to do is keep learning and keep changing, and keep pushing myself to new limits. So before you go and say a bunch of crap (because you can, and seem to enjoy it) know what you’re talking about.

I don’t take snapshots to post on any of my portfolios. And I don’t apply the same action over an over. I use several workflow actions on many of my images, along with my other normal editing techniques, and SOME that I post I do something different to (besides the clean edit of the same image, you must have missed when I said that.)

Still would like to see your photography that you “do for yourself and no one else.”

The top-notch wedding photography company that I was hired as a second shooter for this fall was extremely happy with my work and gave me a large bonus. He’s one of the most accredited studios in the midwest. I wouldn’t say I’m a mediocre photographer and neither did he obviously.

So, enjoy yourself being condescending a$$, little high-school remarks and all, and I’ll continue enjoying real critiques of my work. 🙂 Have a great day!