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Gerbles is too nice (but you’re hitting the nail on the head, so to speak, of what i’m trying to get at. I’m just more of a b***h about it). At this point everyone can leave her be. She obviously knows everything about photography now. Didn’t you see her leaf pictures! Print me out a few of those, because i certainly couldn’t do THAT, I’m just not capable of widening my aperture like SHE can.

Back to my previous example, tattoo shops also get more than 1 to 2 clients a week, hell, they get dozens. That doesn’t make the workers there artists, it makes them capable of giving a tattoo. You may get more than one client a week, but only because you are able to push the button on the camera (but not hold it perpendicular to the ground, don’t worry, you’ll get there some day. ) And I love actions, there are tons of actions capable of making a good image even better. But you take a snapshot (taken with a high resolution camera) and apply the same action over and over and over again and then call it art. It’s unoriginal. Especially when dozens of teens/fashion bloggers/food bloggers/instagramers are using/doing the same thing.

The only reason i singled you out was because you made it a point to humiliate others. Those people never asked for it, if you want to help them privately message them. Do NOT publicly humiliate them. If they stole an image, tell them you are going to report it and they need to take action. Don’t be rude, especially when you call yourself a pro, because you are dragging down the others (the REAL pros) to your level.

And be honest with yourself, they say they’ve been in the business for 15 years, but how long have digital cameras been so readily accessible to a mass audience? They can say whatever they want, but they are the same as you. They ran into a bit of money, bought a fancy looking camera, and thought they looked pro so they opened up shot. The general populous isn’t going to question someone holding a fancy looking piece of equipment, they don’t know better.

Final note, before I let you get back to masturbating to your own flickr page again, you’ve never even offered your stuff up for criticism from this site, not once. The only times you post your page are in this general context: “look how BAD this person is. EW, this is the absolute worst. Oh hey, look how good *I* am! See! I’m not like this other photographer! I’m so much better! Please, somebody tell me how much better i am! ” (someone replies that you are better than said faux) “Thaaaanks, lol, duh!”  You don’t look for critique, you look for affirmation. And THAT’S why you can’t ever hope to excel.