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While I agree with what you are trying to convey, I’d like your experiment to go one step further.  Why not shoot with intent with all three cameras, maybe using the same lens?  To compete more fairly with the point and shoot make it the most normal lens you own.  Maybe a 28 (or wider)or 35 Also I know some “pros” that shoot with the mark11 on full auto without intent and their photos are downright horrible RAW or not, full frame or not, more pixels or not, beautiful expensive lens or not…Yes, equipment does matter, and I wouldn’t start a business with a point and shoot(mostly because of print and finishing limitations) but I don’t think it matters as much as you think it does.  Shooting with knowledgable intent seriously out weighs equipment, or work flow preferences.

RAW shooting is more of a workflow choice than a matter of quality.  While I would most definitely shoot RAW/jpeg if I was a portrait artist, or event photographer and heavy editing was required to save or tweak images.  As a serious amateur, I  prefer shooting and working with jpegs.  Shooting jpeg allows me to work with my camera more closely, do the majority, if not all of my editing before I click, and forces me to get my exposures, WB, and all my in camera work, right on the money, each and every time.  Quality is not lost by shooting jpeg, just some data needed for serious editing is.  For what I do, and they way I shoot, I find shooting RAW very redundant and unnecessary.  The only time I shoot or work with RAWs is for my family photos.  I shoot RAW/jpeg just in case I have a winner that I didn’t nail.

I think if I was to set up a shot, I could get a good compelling image and convey the feeling I was after with any camera.  My camera choice, and lens choice makes it easier for me to achieve and insures that I can finish my photograph as a large piece suitable for sell, vs say, a P and S, but that is all.