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This site is to make fun of ridiculously bad photography, and if you’re implying that I’m the only one linking photos, you’re skewing your views to match your poor attitude. Honestly it sounds like jealousy. Could be wrong, but if you’re going to say my photography isn’t art, you’re in the vast minority. I also get more than 1 or 2 clients a week (during warmer months, winter is a break). Sorry you don’t like actions. For your info I produce clean edits for my clients and add other edits because people like it, duh.

So remember when I stated that even if you shoot with a Rebel, you can still get excellent images? Someone with little experience, no. And knockoff lens? So because a Sigma lens costs less than the same in a Canon, it’s not a good lens? By the way I also have a 5DII and 40D.

And no, my comments in these forums are not linked to my business page.

The beginners I “humiliated” supposedly were doing photography for 15 years.

You’re only being offensive because you’re probably missing something in life. At least I know I’m producing quality work, and you’re approval is not needed, I have enough who know it’s great 🙂