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It was unbelievably rude, it was unprofessional, and it was something you’d expect from a teenager…whoops.

For the record, this site may be built to make fun of bad photogs, but at least the moderator had the decency to censor out the people’s names.


I don’t think any true professionals would do any of this. People perhaps get 1 or 2 clients a week will think that they all of a sudden have some untouchable knowledge of photography and will forever be untouchable.

People like that are the worst kind really. People who find amusement in humiliating beginners are no better than a child pulling wings of a fly. Except it’s not a child, it’s a child who’s deluded herself into thinking she’s a good photographer when she wouldn’t even qualify to enter into a pit in Fashion weeks or Media, walk backstage into a concert or in pretty much anything real photographers do.

The funny thing is that she boasts proudly at the equipment she has and how equipment matters when the body and glass she uses does not warrant such arrogance.
The hilarious thing is, is that Browneyegirl got into an argument on how equipment matters when she’s holding a Rebel and a cheap knock off lens.

I think thats a little bit ironic.

FYI, if you can’t even take a nice photo with a point and shoot and need equipment to compensate? Yeah, for you, Equipment matters.