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Thanks, Gerbles, for saying what i was thinking. browneyedgirl, you went onto somebody’s facebook page and (after the customer had commented on an image) criticized the photographer. It was unbelievably rude, it was unprofessional, and it was something you’d expect from a teenager…whoops.

lets look at this image again:

Nick and Melissa, ceremony

yeah, not seeing the groom. The bride is TOO full and her back gives off a warm hue and also creates a line pointing away from the groom. Ask anybody with an “artistic eye” that isn’t part of your family (it sounds to me like they are the majority of your fan club). And if you claim to understand line work, why do you use SO MUCH dutch angles. Holy cow, i probably came down with vertigo looking at just one page of your work. The branches do not “subtly frame” your brother. The increased contrast towards the foreground creates havoc in the entire background, the more defined branches lead out to the right corner. The road guard behind him is unnecessary background information for the eye.

I’m implying that you do not understand photography because you focus on crap like photoshop actions (holy freaking cow, is there ANY image on your site without an action on it. I can’t wait till this “vintage” fad dies down and we can see real photography again). You also embody every other teenager with a rebel, you overuse narrow DOF.

Here’s an example you might understand better. Tattoos are both art and product. So is photography. There are hundreds/thousands of tattoo-ists (i won’t say artist yet)/photographers. Sometimes people want to get a tribal tattoo, and that’s fine. Any tattoo shop in town (in any town) can do a flash piece. But then you have other people that want art , and that’s when they look around the country, find an ARTIST and get on a WAITING list. Sometimes they are on the list for over 5 years, and they put in a down payment (of up to $800, again that’s just down payment). THOSE are the people that want art, not the ones who went in for a house special $40 flash piece. Capisce? It’s the same for photography. When you WANT art, you look for it, if  you just want photos you find someone to just give you photos.

I don’t have a photography page. I don’t hold myself on quite the pedestal that you do. My photography work exists for me and me alone, I do not care if others like it and i certainly wont go out there and claim how much better i am than anyone, that’s just rude. I am not a troll, and for a while i honestly thought YOU were, but it turns out you are just THAT passionately in love with yourself. Anyway, i’m done with this. Have fun getting off to your own poorly done “art”.


For the record, this site may be built to make fun of bad photogs, but at least the moderator had the decency to censor out the people’s names.