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It seems as if you spend a good portion of your time online trying to “out” fauxtogs or trying to convince potential clients why they should pick you over them. Guess what, clients don’t care what camera gear you have or whether or not you have formal education. All they care about is the final product and the professionalism you can provide. So why not just let your photos speak for themselves? The type of people that have to be shown photos side by side in order to illustrate what a “quality” photo looks like as compared to a sub-par image are not the type of clients you should be aiming to attract.

Also, I might add- it’s not very smart to publicly display and point fingers at other photographers’ work while trying to run a business of your own (referring to other threads). Your name and reputation are tied to your profile on this site, and it may leave a negative impact later on. That, and it’s just kind of tacky and immature.