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So, hire a photographer who to guarantee the event will be recorded? Did you ever think that by hiring a fauxtog, they might screw up royally and have the option on their camera set to “record without CF card” and end up with zero images? Keep in mind a photographer who pays attention to the whole thing- not just snapping a picture- will be more likely to provide what the client wants.

Actually, I beg to differ… hugely. I guess you interpret art differently than I do. It’s called framing. (Also, I do happen to have images of the husband looking at her, not framed by anything, from that wedding.) The eye is also drawn to the part of the image in focus, and the line helps draw the eye in. I’ve had an artistic eye all my life. So saying I don’t understand art is a pretty bold assumption on your part- and a nasty one at that.

In the third image, the branches are subtly framing him. I shot that image at different f-stops as well, but liked the narrow DOF best of all of them.

Are you implying that I don’t understand what the terms mean and how the relate to the finished image? Wow…. You sound like some kind of troll, to be honest. Are you a photographer or even an artist yourself?