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browneyedgirl, it looks like the only demonstration you are ever actually trying to accomplish is that you are “better” than others. If you wanted an honest demonstration on equipment eliminate the variable of “photography education”. Same exact pose/angle/fstop/iso/lense/white balance (heck, customize it with each camera to better demonstrate the quality difference). You had no reason to do it the way that you did it other than to say ALL other people with a point and shoot or a rebel will be clueless (unlike YOU of course) and make these mistakess.


Education is important, photography is a science. In fact, it is a science of light manipulation. This thread/site have driven themselves into a discussion of computer graphics. It doesn’t MATTER what file size you chose/program you edit with. What matters is that you know how to manipulate your camera to capture the light the way you want. If you can’t do that and are only concerned with the final computer generated product then you are striving to be a graphic artist, not a photographer.

Also, sometimes people JUST want pictures/memories, not your “art” (you’ve called your photos “artistic” more than once.).