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@Nesgran – No problem, thanks for the advice. That’s a great link for reference as it’s UK related, and the gap between prices in UK & US seems strange sometimes. Bartering is an option I’ve never looked down upon and have already made links with various artists. I don’t think it’s a hugely popular blog either so I wouldn’t charge silly amounts. It’s not so much that I’m worried about making shed loads of cash, but I’m never sure if I’m underselling my services.

I don’t rely solely on income from photography as I have a F/T job. It’s a hobby that I can make some extra money from (all legitimate by the way), so I can afford to be somewhat cheaper than others with a studio and more overheads anyway.

I’d feel the same if I was a painter or something, It’s hard to judge what your work is worth. What makes a piece worth £1mil compared to £1k…. is it just “What someone is willing to pay”.

Anyways, nothing has come of it so far but I’ve got a reference now for future enquiries, thank for that everyone.