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Camera Clicker, that is the most Epic answer I have ever read, totally loved it (and the end had me stifle a giggle). Genuinely found it interesting reading, many thanks. I asked for some UK specifics as there seems to be quite a vast difference in the inner workings of photography between the UK and the US. US seems to be more understanding (generally) of the value of a good photographer. I’m not saying the UK doesn’t have a clue, but it seems to be more valuable in general to the US market. This is just based on some articles I have read and my general observations as I lurk in the shadows of photography related news and forum websites… haha

Worst Case Scenario – That seems like a pretty fair idea to me, good way to go about it. Work out how many hours, times by your rate and you’re there. Rather than worry about final uses, who it’s for, who is paying etc etc. Just say, “this is what I want per hour, end of”. I feel this may be akin to most builders, plumbers, services in general. It doesn’t matter who you are working for, the price will always be £100 a day for a carpenter for example. Whether that’s someone on the poverty line, or someone living in a mansion. The vast difference will be in the price of materials used which are passed to the customer anyway.

I don’t need to worry too much about what work I get, I have a FT job and no studio with overheads. I’m wondering about the prices because, if I’m going to make money, I want to make as much as I can without ripping people off or totally undercharging. I just find it hard to find a middle ground. But again, thanks for your answers, I enjoyed both of them.