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Worst Case Scenario

I now have a flat rate of £70 an hour for EVERYTHING I do.

ie: My wedding packages are based on so many hours at £70, my portrait sittings are based on half an hour and if they take longer, I charge more ( at the same rate) My commercial work and post processing is all at the same rate.  This rate is based on the maximum I can charge, for where I am.  In London I’d be cheap, for a country town I’m quite expensive.

I know guys in my area who would charge more, and guys who would do it for free : (  There’s a studio down the road who will do a portrait sitting with all images on a disc for £25. ( I’ve posted their work on here, that’s how good they are) . I know that’s not much help! But at least by having a fixed price, I can answer the phone and tell people EXACTLY what my prices are….