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i believe that mom and grandma are looking for the AOL icon.

The problem with “save for web” is that if it isn’t already converted into SRGB you could end up with undesirable color shifts. I prefer to process images that will end up online with the sRGB colorspace first. Unless I need to do a lot of retouching, then i’ll process high rez into Adobe 1998, retouch and save final. Then convert to sRGB for the web version, keeping my Adobe 1998 for prints.

Lately though I’ve been getting a lot of requests for CMYK colorspaces. I think we are getting to a point that a lot of publications/agencies/etc are losing their older staff that have print production experience and are not familiar with CMYK conversions so they’d just prefer to have it done at the source so they don’t have to futz with it. It could also be that they really have no idea what they are doing to begin with and are clueless to their file specs.