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My opinion is: Yes.  You are a MWAC at this stage, but don’t let that discourage you from moving forward.  The key to getting better is practice and then more practice.  Always always learn and read.

6 months is not nearly enough time to learn everything.  I’m 5 years in and still learning something new everyday.  Your decision to just now learn exposure is late.  That should be the first thing you learn.  Photography is about light period.  if you don’t understand exposure and light, you don’t understand photography.

Learn exposure in relation to shutter, aperture, and ISO.

Learn basic composition and practice before you break the rules of composition

Then learn color correction and basic corrections and sharpening.  Many resources online.

Study these 3 in depth, for hours, weekly trying to learn something new each time and your skills will get much better.  Do all of this before you think about adding flash.  Flash is an entirely different game.

Seeking critique is a powerful tool for moving forward, so you are in the right mindset, but be prepared for honest opinions.