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Trust me my kids are forever being experimented on. “Oh yay, mom has a new camera lens, flash, photog book, reflectors…”

I just order an off camera shoe cord which will mean lots of practice with kids, cat, dog, chickens etc….

Tomorrow will be a lot of outdoor work. Headed to A&M for my son’s March-In. In a perfect world I’d bring my tripod and use my telephoto to pick him out of the crowd but  there will be too many people to make that feasible and I can’t use my telephoto without a tripod. My hands just aren’t steady enough at this point. I will probably just bring my trusty 50mm/1.8 that I use so much and wait until the march-in is over and take pics of him and his buddies.

Gig ‘Em


That pick above of my daughter was a snapshot outside the church under the awning after my niece’s wedding. Since I wasn’t the official photographer I came with just one lens and no ancillary equipment. I didn’t want it to look like I was trying to upstage the professional. I have reflectors coming next week and can’t wait to practice with them