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I’m a MWAC too 🙂

The church pictures would actually be really easy to fix the warm cast on if you shot in RAW. You could select the white on someone’s dress and white balance the photo to that point. The colors would look a lot more natural and less orange, I especially notice the warm cast on the white dresses, some of them look kind of orange-y to me. Then like intuition mentioned play with your ISO and figure out when you start to get noise. For example I know with my Nikon d3100 I can shoot 1600 ISO before you start to notice noise which is great inside usually. Once I get higher than that though the noise is noticeable.

One of the advantages to being a MWAC is I have these two awesome little kids that I can employ to do all sorts of things while I practice different techniques. They really earned their keep while I figured out the speedlight lol. I have one that will swivel around 360 degrees and will also point at 90, 135, and 180 degree angles. So I pretty much just sat in my living room with my toddler standing by the wall while I turned the speedlight and set it to each of the different angles to see what would happen and played with the power on it. Now I like to think I’m pretty decent at bouncing it to make it look like my house has more windows than it really does, but it took a lot of practice to figure it out 🙂 taking the pics with it at the different settings and angles and having them just all side by side really helps though so that you can see how bouncing, etc affects the shadows.

I know not everyone will agree with me, but on pics like this one: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-LrOPBjEpi6Q/Uhf0WN11BxI/AAAAAAAAASo/9qkeus8vhY4/w818-h545-no/reunionupload-7_zps938e9f23.jpg I do think it’s OK to blow out the background a little bit so that you can see the person’s face. Of course the fix is to put a reflector in front of her and to wear a white shirt so that her eyes brighten up a little bit and you don’t have to blow the background out as much.