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Thanks for the input, intuition.


All the shots in that church were severely orange/warm in tone. I think it was light coming off of the peach walls.  I’ve done ok in editing a few to lessen it but I don’t know what I should have done to begin with to avoid it. I am learning editing and shoot in RAW and have had some photos definitely improve, I have edited versions of many of the photos I posted with brightened faces but I was looking for criticism of my composition more than my editing skills, I guess. I know I’m not ready to charge. I just want opportunities to practice.  I am developing a relationship with a local family/children/wedding  photog and I am hoping to ask her if I may tag along in the future. She does a little too much ‘baby in a bucket’ for my taste but she has got lighting down.

The birth photography is a whole different animal as there just isn’t space in most situations for more than one dedicated photographer. I’m on my own from the get-go.


my biggest current lack of knowledge is flash. I have a Speedlite and have had some success with fill flash but overall I’m struggling. Since I am mostly interested in birth work flash competency is not essential (as one rarely if ever will use flash in birth photography) but I can’t consider myself serious until I master it.