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Focus fell on the baby’s foot I think. I was using a Rebel T3, maxed the ISO and a nifty fifty wide open. That scene was not appropriate to be shot wide open but my shutter speed was something like 1/25 already and you have a split second to get that kind of shot :D. I had no tripod- like I could put one where I was standing-wedged between the back of the bed and the wall. Birth rooms are often very dim as this one was.

I chose to upgrade my body during the Christmas deals vs. buying a 35 or 50 1.4.

That T3 is now my backup and I have a 6D. o/ Now I can shoot in low light with acceptable shutter speeds and apertures. I’ve got another birth booked in May and I know that one will be VERY dark, there was no way I could have handled it with the T3 without buying a 1.4

I’m primarily shooting newborns and families with a sprinkling of seniors and headshots this spring so my 85 1.8 and 24-105 will get the biggest workout. And no, I am not charging, these are all portfolio building/practice/class practicum.

I begin a composition class as soon as my newborn class is over. I am looking forward to it, they focus on such different skills.


No one has ever mentioned the sensor dirt. I’ll have the Rebel cleaned/clean it, thx.