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The editing window seems to last for about 15 minutes.  After that it’s still possible but it becomes a techie thing.

I took a quick peek at the two most interesting thumbs.  Unfortunately the baby still attached is out of focus.  Since you mention missed focus, I gather you already know about it.

The beautiful sunset was taken with a small aperture, so the sensor dirt shows.  Sensor dirt is a scourge of digital.  Get dirt in a film camera and it gets wound out with the frame as film is advanced, frequently washed off with the developer, once in a while it scratches a frame.  With digital, even with the shaking filter assembly, dirt can be there in the same spot for hundreds of photos.  You can heal it out but it gets to be a pain if you have to do a lot of photos.  There are lots of videos on cleaning sensors, it is not difficult, just fiddly.