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Like the doctor, I use an x-rite ColorMunki Photo system to calibrate both monitor and printer.  It definitely helps achieve a print that looks as expected.  The doctor is also correct that everyone without a calibrated monitor, and the right room lighting, will see your image differently than you did.  If you are not converting the image to sRGB, you are compounding the problem for those without the right browser.

I don’t know if this will help.  You probably already know, the ink on a print, and CMYK is subtractive, while transparencies, monitors and RGB is additive.  Or, adding coloured ink to paper removes from white, adding coloured light on your monitor will bring it toward white.  Moving back and forth between gamuts is a problem because some shades are forced to different shades when moving from a larger space to a smaller one.  Converting the other way, you can’t really reverse the process.

They look a little different, but the version of Adobe Camera Raw in Lightroom is supposed to be equivalent to the version in Photoshop.  Instead of Lightroom, I use Bridge to locate and open raw files in ACR.  Then once the initial adjustments are made, it goes to Photoshop.  I don’t bother with Lightroom at all.