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Thank you both very much! Clearly I need to learn more about RGB color spaces, so that’s my next assignment for myself. My main worry was that this new (well, new to me) laptop might have some color representation issues, but I do realize every monitor is different, sometimes very different.

I’m a graphic designer, but I work in print only… so I can usually tell at a glance what needs to be done to a photo for printing on our equipment at work – but that means I work and think exclusively in CMYK. In fact, when I looked at these photos on my phone, my first thought was “Wow, I need to pull back the cyan and black in the midtones there!” I know the basics of how RGB is different, but otherwise it’s just me telling my customers “If you send us RGB files, the color will shift, because we don’t use that. And don’t use RGB black for anything, because it isn’t black!” I have on occasion converted a photo that needed heavy color correction over to CMYK to work on it, then converted back to RGB for web posting, because it’s easy for me to go into CMYK curves and adjust it well, while RGB works so differently I struggle with it. Some vibrance and a good bit of color range is lost in the conversion, but at least I could figure out how to help it.

I have just recently (since I got this new laptop) switched to shooting in Raw only, which has really made a huge difference in my photos. I’m converting using Photoshop’s camera raw, but my other next assignment is to teach myself Lightroom. I have it, I just need to learn it. I’m loving being able to get a photo just right before taking it into Photoshop, then I usually just have to do a quick levels check there and save it out.

So thanks again, I’m off to read up on RGB color spaces.