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This article is a nice complement to CC’s comments as it adds visuals.  http://cameradojo.com/adobe-rgb-vs-srgb-vs-prophoto-rgb/

That being said, my own personal preference is that I don’t really care about colour space if I’m posting to the web. There is a plethora of monitor and browser settings and no 2 people are likely to have their settings the same. Think when you go into an electronics store and see all the TVs lined up on the same channel – every picture looks SLIGHTLY different in colour, luminance, white balance & contrast among others. Any ONE of the monitors would be fine be itself, but when you look at the comparisons, you get lost in the forest. Because of this, my ‘portfolio’ is in book form so the few clients who would be interested in my work can see it THE WAY I WANT THEM TO SEE IT.

Color space DOES matter, of course, when I am sending my work to Blurb for books or BayPhoto for very large prints (over 24″ x 36″). I use an x-rite ColorMunki Photo system to calibrate everything properly so I have no surprises. What I see is what I get. Period.