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What really gets me is the photographer that produces images that are worthy of being on the cover of Vogue but doesn’t take the time (either themselves or someone who might have an expert command of the language) to ensure their online presence is worthy of the calibre as the images they may have on the same page! Therein lies the danger—this to me is the epitome of the photographer who’s simply in it for the money and not for the love of their craft.

I wonder if that’s true.  I think it may be the other way around.  That is, the one who takes Vogue worthy photos but has, beyond the photos, poor marketing materials, may be doing it for the imagery.  The converse, someone who has brilliant marketing materials but has trouble taking a good photo, may be the one who is in it for the money.  There is a third group, one with many constituents that appear featured on this site; they exhibit difficulty taking and/or processing photos, and their marketing materials are full of errors.   I suspect they are in it for the money, too.