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I think I have the same reasons as picstop and CC is also on the money [as usual].

If I was a person looking to hire a  photographer and basing my decision on their portfolio, it may not be a total deal breaker for me if I had noticed several spelling and grammatical errors on their website.  But, with that saying, I would investigate further if I felt that their work was decent enough for my standards to hire.

There really os no reason for spelling mistakes with all the available technology for word processing.  I think that many, including myself, are sometimes too quick to get content online before really proofreading it thoroughly.  I typically find that I may type into something, like this forum, then copy and paste the text into an app for checking before posting, but not always.  The good thing about this forum, at least in my browser, it supports spell-check as you type.

My reasonings for checking out ones work if it appears decent enough for hire is that there are several photographers that outsource their work to re-touching services and they themselves will mitigate the online content.  I know several couples that are a photographer/re-toucher team, it works, but if you are the one uploading the content to your website, then you really should check the spelling and most important, READ it to see if what you typed, makes sense.

So in a sense, they may not be as good as you think they are as a photographer, may be great re-touching services and they really suck at spelling and grammar.

So I ask this question Sharra – What do you do if you find that your photographer that you are going to hire is not as good as you thought they were, but the re-toucher appears to be a miracle worker?   I mean there has to be some good content to re-touch, right?  Just a question, just looking for opinions, no smart ass-ness intended.