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Well, when you’re hiring a photographer, the thought is that the photos and the abilities to take them are of paramount importance. At least in my mind, if your product or service is abysmal, then what does price matter? Of course, price is important and to me that would be the next part of the equation along with what particular services are provided.

That all said, poor spelling and poor grammar skills turn me right off. There is very little excuse for either. To me that just displays your laziness and/or inattention to detail and those are both qualities not needed by a photographer. If you can’t communicate with all the time in the world in which to gather your thoughts, how well do you perform when you have dozens of people needing guidance on the wedding day? Of course that does not apply to anyone for whom English is not their primary language but has presented their website in English as a courtesy to what might probably be their primary clientele. In that case though, seeking a little help to ensure that everything is in good shape won’t hurt.

Would I hire someone who made one spelling mistake? Sure. Would I hire someone who didn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”? I’d have to meet them in person and think about it. The rest of the world probably wouldn’t notice or care but I’m obviously an extreme stickler. To me it says a lot about someone when they can’t communicate precisely.