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Hi Ab (sorry, I couldn’t count all the “i’s”)!

I know you didn’t ask for a review per se. But to be honest here I’m not seeing the “million times better than them”. And while you didn’t ask per se you did put up your work and theirs for comparison.

In addition to Cclicker’s comments you have a white balance issue with your horse/rider shot (color cast). Also a lighting problem, which you could solve in post but neglected. There are several things you could have done to help mitigate the busy, distracting background and didn’t. One thing I noticed as compared to your prospective employer is that your background is at least showing a bit of blur and your horizon is at least level. Your prospective employer seems to have a permanent port list! The unfortunate framing is very subpar and indicative of a beginner who is not watching the entire frame.

The horse eye shot seems to be relatively sound technically but I don’t agree with it compositionally. Since that is a matter of personal choice I won’t comment further on that unless further asked!

If I had shot your horse and rider shot during the day’s shoot it would have never made it out the door due to the framing alone. In fact, it wouldn’t have made it through the first round select and would have found the trash bin toute suite if not PDQ. If that were good the rest could be addressed in post and made a decent shot but it seems you are lacking the skills at this particular point to know how that could be done or to even recognize that it should be done.

Ab, I’m sorry if this sounds harsh. Not really my usual style. But you started this post with both barrels blazing and if you state that you are a “million times better than them” and that “I don’t think the other photographer can use this excuse for their photos though as their website photos are just as awful…” and further that “The cons are that I would be associated with this company… Who I’m hoping don’t go on this website…” I’d say you damn well better be ready to back that up. Photographically you can’t and if you could you wouldn’t be here asking whether you should shoot for them or not. How does that phrase go? Oh yeah. People who live in glass houses…

As for the gig? My advice would be to take it. Especially if you are suffering from terminal shyness and self-doubt. If you are going to aspire to one day be a working photographer you are going to have to deal with people. So if you don’t start now then when?

Plus it looks like an opportunity for a fun day shooting some cool action. You might even make a few bucks to boot.