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Thank you for your reply.  I agree that the close up eye shot wouldn’t be what people at shows would want, I wouldn’t do that at shows.  I’m still debating whether to go or not. I mean obviously they are a better business person than me, otherwise it would be me getting the work and not them. I suffer from crippling shyness and self doubt with my photography, of which my businessman boyfriend is trying to snap me out of, so this could be just what I need. And what I also figure is I cannot possibly be any worse than them even if it is my first proper event, so I don’t have to feel quite so pressurised.  Thank you

I just wanted to add, I’m not extoverted at all, I’ve been doing free shoots for a while and in the first one with people I didn’t know (a friends daughter and her husband), at the beginning,  my hands were literally shaking and shaking the camera lol! I had to calm myself down otherwise nothing would have been in focus! 🙂

I’m finding free shoots, learning how to interact and pose ‘clients’, a really big help in boosting my confidence as well as skill level and actually really enjoyable too.