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I would say for the experience, take the gig.

There is an old saying that goes, “A closed mind is like a closed book, just a block of wood.”

Without being too philosophical, once you stop learning things the sooner you become ignorant.  Though Trainwreck pointed out that there really is not much to compare your photography skills to the one who is looking for help.  With the only 2 photos to go by, yes, yours are better overall, from what is given to us.

I have gone on photo shoots with other photographers that seemed to be more experienced then myself, but then after seeing their final results, I was really disappointed.  Most of us are biased to our own photos, but always trying to seek approval and critique from others, but that the nature of the game.  It’s the same in a lot is businesses.

Even if their photography skills are lacking and yours are more superior, you may find out that they are a much better business person then they are photographer.  Running a business of any type does has it advantages and of course just as many disadvantages, if not more.  With that being said, you may learn a thing or 2 about getting yourself out there and getting gigs like that of your own.

I say run with the gig, besides, they are probably going to watermark the photos with their name since you are going to be working under them as contracted help, if anything, it will help boost their moral and reputation if your photos turn out to be better.  If it’s not too late, check the finer details of the use of the photos (rights) just in case they decide to use your photos as advertising to promote themselves.  It’s not unlike any faux to use someone else’s photos for their promotion, just sayin’.