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I agree with flyingkitty.  Most of your photos look pretty good.  Your pianist changed from T shirt to suit is an impressive editing performance.

Here is some picky stuff to pay attention to:

In the canoe photo, your horizon is not level.  Rather than level the horizon, I might crop below the horizon line.  I would do that because the sky is a strange colour anyway and except for showing a blurred sailboat, it is not adding anything.

Your Sea-do photo might be better if there was a bit more room in front of the boat.

Your goong foo girl (409710_3090928006922_1128700548_n.jpg) needs rotation of 4.11 degrees counter clockwise, your horizon is off.  Rotated and cropped a little it looks better.

In 399537_3090931847018_1394831948_n.jpg, your subjects are exposed reasonably well but your background is over exposed.   Burning it out completely or exposing it properly and lighting your subjects with a flash would look better.  I appreciate you might not want to carry the extra weight of an external flash and the pop-up flash is not as powerful or controllable.

In 523378_3090942847293_1720935929_n.jpg, the house is leaning to the left.

In 481934_3090957247653_1600052682_n.jpg, the house is reclining!  And, the left wall is leaning right while the right wall is leaning left.  What editor are you using?  Some editors have a lens correction function that will let you correct this sort of distortion.

I didn’t get through the Halloween dance photos but what I saw suggested the party was a blast!  The photos are experimental.  There are some cool effects.  When doing an event, a mix of experimental shutter dragging with flash and straight up photos that make the people look nice will please most people.


In summary, good photos with a few minor glitches.